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Engine Tune Up & Repair Services

Car owners and technicians alike know how a well-maintained vehicle is more enjoyable to drive and own for a longer time. Regular engine tune-ups are a critical part of responsible auto ownership. Carefully tuned engines will increase your gas mileage and improve your vehicle’s performance, while at the same time protecting the environment from harmful emissions.

AAMCO’s tune up services include inspecting and adjusting each system that affects efficient fuel combustion. Having trouble telling when you’re due for a tune up? Keep track of your gas mileage, and watch for it to increase by 10% or more. If your vehicle is experiencing problems with drivability, it might also be time to take your vehicle in for a professional tune up. Check your owner’s manual or come see AAMCO for specific recommendations concerning tune up and spark plug replacement.

An AAMCO engine tune-up service includes:

  • New spark plug installation
  • Idle speed adjustment and set timing, if applicable
  • Inspection of throttle, linkage, spark plug wires, and distributor cap if, equipped
  • Comprehensive performance check to ensure drivability and performance
  • Initial Vehicle Check (IVC) of all your vehicle’s critical systems.
  • AAMCO’s 36-point Inspection to ensure all of your vehicle’s critical systems are in working order.

What’s a good way to know when it’s time for a tune up? Look for the following symptoms:

  • Your engine struggles to start
  • The engine runs rough, especially when started
  • The engine experiences occasional misfiring
  • The engine is rough and unstable when idling and stalls occasionally
  • You notice a lack of power
  • Your gas mileage decreases

Regular engine tune-ups will help you avoid costly engine repair. Schedule an appointment with AAMCO here in Santa Clara for your tune-up before you see your check engine light!



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